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V80 and Belt Matching

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

posted by Ryan at 9:17 AM

A lot of people call us asking about a matched set of V-belts. This is an important design aspect, as drives that use multiple V-belts have to have belt lengths that are close to work properly. Back in 1980 Gates made a change to their manufacturing process that allowed us to meet RMA V-belt matching standards with our standard line product in the Super HC, Hi-Power II, and Tri-Power belt lines. Using any of these belts made to our V80 standard means that you can use off the shelf belts of the same size and not worry about matching them. This can save considerable time trying to find a set of belts.

We do have product lines that are not V80 approved, and do require belts to be matched. Our Predator line of V-belts are a good example. Because of the Kevlar tensile cords used in Predator, matching the belts to the same punch number is required.


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