Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Benefits of the Gates EZ Align Precision Laser Tool

Accurate pulley alignment is very important in maximizing the performance and longevity of belt drive systems. Measuring and correcting misalignment is not always easy, though, so laser type tools can be very helpful. While a number of different types can be found, the Gates EZ Align Precision Laser Tool is definitely a best in class device and should be seriously considered.

EZ Align cases are made of tough machined aluminum with a durable finish allowing survival in industrial environments and in tool bags. Strong rare earth magnets mount emitter and target units securely. The lasers are bright with high quality optics, and units can be calibrated for accuracy or repaired as needed. The new EZ Align Green model uses an even brighter green laser for outdoor use in bright sunlight. The EZ Align Green laser is 10 times brighter than the standard EZ Align laser and can reach up to 15 feet.

The EZ Align Tool is capable of indicating misalignment in three different planes.  The reflective method used in the measuring process is what really sets the EZ Align apart from other laser alignment tools.  Reflecting the beam from the target unit back to the emitter unit multiplies angular misalignment making it highly visible for accurate correction.  Angular misalignment is multiplied 20 times greater than other non-reflective laser tools.  Types of misalignment indicated by the EZ Align Tool are illustrated below:
Laser alignment tools are invaluable in accurately indicating pulley alignment and should be a part of every preventative maintenance program.   Gates EZ Align and EZ Align Green tools are the best available and are well worth their cost.

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