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Calculating Rim Speeds

Thursday, December 20, 2012

posted by Ryan at 2:55 PM

You may know that our stock metal is all statically balanced to 6500 ft/min, but some of you may not know how to find out what rpm and diameter combination that equates to.  I’ll show you how.  This can be useful for not only maximum rim speeds, but also when you need to find out what rpm at which to run a head roll of a conveyor.

You need the sheave/sprocket outer diameter and RPM.  For this example, let’s use a 10” diameter and 200rpm.

Step 1, Find Perimeter.
Perimeter = 2*pi*r          or            Perimeter = pi*d
Where r = radius and d = diameter
Example: pi*10” = 31.415”

Step 2, Calculate Rim Speed
Rim Speed = Perimeter*RPM
Example: 31.415” * 200rpm = 6283 in/min

Step 3, Convert to proper units
12” = 1ft
Example 6283 in/min * (1ft/12in) = 523.59 ft/min

As always, feel free to call us if you have any questions.


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