Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sprocket and Sheave Balancing

Stock sprockets and sheaves are statically balanced per MPTA ( Mechanical Power Transmission Association) Standard Practice for Pulley Balancing SPB-86 using the weight based on the following two criteria:

1.  Balance limit (ounces) = Sprocket Weight (lb) x 0.016; or
2.  0.176 ounce (5 grams), whichever is greater

It is important to note that stock sprockets and sheaves should not be used on drives where the rim surface speeds exceed 6500 fpm.  Sprocket and sheave construction and materials will determine the dynamic balancing requirements of the sprocket(s) or sheave(s) where rim surface speeds exceed 6500 fpm.  

If rim speed exceeds 6500 fpm, then the sprocket(s) or sheave(s) will need to be quoted through our Made-to-Order Metals group. They can be contacted directly at or 800-709-6001 however any quotes will need to be made through your local Gates industrial belt distributor.  

For any additional questions feel free to look through our other blog topics or contact us at or 303-744-5800.

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