Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Selecting Batteries for the Sonic Tension Meter 508C

For optimum meter performance, use two disposable AAA alkaline batteries.

Gates’ 508C Sonic Tension Meter is designed to use two AAA alkaline batteries, rated for 1.5 volts each (3.0 volts combined).  When used with new alkaline batteries, the estimated continuous use time is 10 hours.  Using other battery types, such as lithium ion (Li-Ion) or nickel cadmium (NiCd), may reduce the meter run time. 

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended, as they reduce the run time in several ways.  They are generally rated for 1.2 volts, so they appear partially discharged to the meter even when fully charged. Also, the voltage will fall below the minimum requirements for the 508C before the batteries are fully discharged. In addition to the lower voltage rating, continuous charge and re-charge cycles can decrease the run time further.

Note:  The information in this blog post also applies to the older 507C model.

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