Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Maximizing Hydraulic Hose Assembly Life

Maximum service life can be attained by complying with the
following recommendations:

Working PressureThe hydraulic system pressure should not exceed the rated working pressure of the hose. Pressure surges or peaks exceeding the rated working pressure are destructive and must be taken into account when selecting a hose. It is not safe to use hose assemblies above their rated working pressure.

Minimum Burst PressureBurst pressures are reference pressures intended for destructive testing purposes and design safety factors only.  Do not subject hose to the Minimum Burst Pressure.

Temperature RangeThe hose should not be exposed to internal or external temperatures that exceed the recommended limits.

Consult Product Application when hydraulic fluids contain emulsions or solutions. Some fluids reduce the safe operating temperature of a hose therefore the fluid manufacturer’s recommended maximum operating temperature for any given fluid must not be exceeded, (i.e. water in a hydraulic hose).

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