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More - Maximizing Hose Assembly Service Life

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

posted by Brent at 1:06 PM

Maximum service life can be attained by following with the
recommendations shown below.

Hose RoutingRestraints, protect or guide hose (clamps) can be used to minimize risk of damage due to excessive flexing, whipping or contacting other moving parts or corrosives. Determine hose lengths and configurations that will result in proper routing and protection from abrasion, snagging or kinking and provide leak resistant connections.

Hose LengthCorrect hose length determinations include considerations for length changes under pressure, machine vibration and motion, and hose assembly routing.

Hose ApplicationsSelect the proper hose for the application.

Vacuum service (for example, Gates Global MegaVac®), special fluids or high temperature capabilities are among the applications requiring particular consideration and a specific hose. Do not use Gates hydraulic hose in place of permanent piping. When additional information is required, contact Product Application Engineering.



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