Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Introducing Poly Chain® ADV™

Poly Chain ADV is the next step in the Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ family of high performance synchronous belts.  Poly Chain ADV has a distinctive red tooth color and offers a 15% increase in load capacity over current Poly Chain GT Carbon belts.  Poly Chain ADV belts are available in 14mm pitch only, and in all standard 14M  Poly Chain GT Carbon belt sizes.

Poly Chain ADV belts are intended to replace Poly Chain GT Carbon belts on drive systems with less than desired performance, where some extra load capacity is needed.  Poly Chain ADV belts utilize improved technologies never before seen in power transmission belts making Gates Poly Chain the most advanced belt in the world.

Poly Chain ADV belts are “Advanced” and will give you an “Advantage” in belt drive design never before seen. 

For further information contact Gates Product Application Engineering at 303-744-5800 or at ptpasupport@gates.com.

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