Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Identifying Issues in Hydraulic Systems: Hose Cracks


Hose cover or tube has cracks and appears hardened.

This is typically caused by exposure to excessive heat and/or ozone.  Excessive heat can be created by:

  • Routing near a heat source such as an exhaust manifold.
  • Using an undersized hose or reservoir.
An increase of 18 degrees F above the maximum temperature may decrease hose life by half.  Cracks can also be caused by flexing, expecially at excessively low temperatures.  Never exceed the temperature rating of the hose.


Select a hose that meets the temperature and flow requirements of the application.  Also, identify the heat source and consider re-routing the hose away from the source to minimize the heat's effects.  Examine reservoir size if necessary.

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