Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Super HC XP (Notched Premium) Belts

Here at Gates we recently released our new patented Super HC XP high performance molded notch V-belt.  The Super HC XP belt is designed with Aramid tensile cords and a new distictive green wear-resistant backing.  This results in the Super HC XP belt being rated to transmit an average of 50% more horsepower than our standard Super HC molded notch V-belts.  This increase in capacity allows for drives that are narrower and lighter which result in less rotating mass and decreased loading on bearings and shafts.  
Currently the Super HC XP belts are only offer in 5VX cross section in both single and PowerBand construction, however, in the future other cross sections will be made available.  For further information feel free to review the Super HC XP section in our new 2015 Industrial Power Transmission catalog or contact us at PTPASupport@Gates.com or 303-744-5800.  

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