Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hose Ends

An effective way to remember this hose selection criterion is to remember the word STAMPED.

 S = Size
 T = Temperature
A = Application
M = Material to be Conveyed
P = Pressure
E = Ends or couplings
D = Delivery (volume)

E =  Ends or Couplings

Identify end coupling to be used.

SAE couplings: North American Thread Types, JIC (37° flare), (45° flare), O-Ring Boss, O-Ring Flange, O-ring Face Seal, and SAE inverted Flare.

International standards: BSPP, BSPPT, GAZ, DIN, JIS, Komatsu (Flare 30°), Komatsu Flange Fitting and Kobelco.

The difference of the thread type is the thread configuration, seat angle, and how the coupling seals (thread interface, mating metal-seat angles and O-rings). The differences increase the possibility of mismatching threads and seats. A couplings male and female thread ends must be compatible to ensure an effective seal and prevent leaks or blow-offs.

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