Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An effective way to remember this hose selection criterion is to remember the word STAMPED. S T A M P E D S = Size T = Temperature A = Application M = Material to be Conveyed P = Pressure E = Ends or couplings D = Delivery (volume) T Temperature When selecting a replacement assembly, two areas of temperature must be considered. These are fluid temperature and ambient temperature. The hose selected must be capable of withstanding the minimum and maximum temperature of the system. Care must be taken when routing hose near hot manifolds, and in extreme cases, a heat shield may be advisable. Actual service life at temperatures approaching the recommended limit will depend on the particular application and the fluid being used in the hose. Intermittent (up to 10 percent of operating time) refers to momentary temperature surges. Detrimental effects increase with increased exposure to elevated temperatures.

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