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Storage Effects on Belts

Thursday, October 16, 2014

posted by Tony at 11:45 AM

Gates Belts may be stored up to six years if properly stored at temperatures less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity less than 70%.

For every 15 degrees Fahrenheit increase in storage temperature above the 85 degrees Fahrenheit recommended value, the time the belt can be stored without reduced performance decreases by one-half.  it should be noted that belts should never be stored at temperatures above 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

At relative humidity levels above 70%, fungus or mildew may form on stored belts.  This has minimal effect on belt performance, but should be avoided if possible.

When equipment is stored for longer than 6 months, the belt tension should be relaxed so that the belt does not take a set.  In addition, the storage environment should meet the 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% or less relative humidity condition.  If this is not possible, the belts should be removed and stored separately in a proper environment.

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