Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Drive Label Option In Design Flex Pro Software

Design Flex Pro is the most powerful belt drive design software available in the industry.  It is widely used and is full of useful features.  Drive Detail Reports are well organized and contain a great deal of useful information for designers as well as technicians installing belt drive systems.

The new version 3.10 includes a couple of added features that users will find very helpful: 

  • Bushing bolt torque values for bushing installation have been added to Drive Detail Reports.
  • A new drive label feature has been added as an output option on the Drive Detail Report screen.
The drive label feature allows users to output a .jpg file containing a summary of the selected drive system including belt  / sprocket / bushing part and product numbers as well as detailed belt tensioning values for force/deflection and Sonic Tension Meter measurements.  This .jpg file can be printed or imported into user documentation.  A Drive Label example can be seen below:

Paper printouts of the label can be affixed to the equipment for ready reference by technicians.  Component part and product numbers are available for re-ordering, and belt tension recommendations are available for belt installations.

When printing the .jpg label files, select the landscape mode for a full page printout.  Install dates should be added via. pen rather than computer at this point to prevent printing issues.

The Quick Response code on the label will direct smart phones to the www.gates.com/drivedesign site where users will find ready access to Gates drive design tools and technical resources.

Be sure to download and install or update to Design Flex Pro version 3.10 to gain access to these new program features.  Design Flex Pro just became even better!  For additional information contact Gates Product Application Engineering at ptpasupport@gates.com or 303-744-5800.

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