Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Precision Length Matching For Industrial V-Belts

Gates manufactures all industrial V-belts within industry standard belt length and belt matching tolerances.  All industrial V-belts included in the V80 no-match system are marked with a distinctive "V80" symbol.

The manufactured lengths of industrial V-belts with a V80 marking are within industry matching tolerances with all Gates belts in the same size.  This eliminates the need for special belt matching practices for multiple belts used in sets.

Small belt tension variations visible in new belt sets is normal.  Tensioning new belts to recommended levels and running them in for 24 to 48 hours generally equalizes all belt lengths and belt tension levels.  After the initial run-in period they should be re-tensioned to the level recommended for "used" belts.

Occasionally there are special applications with unusually sensitive performance requirements, or users may be unusually sensitive to belt tension variations in new belt sets.  In these cases, “precision matched” belt sets may be requested.  Precision matched belt sets require hand measuring, sorting and handling to identify belt lengths within 0.15”, so are priced at a premium level and may require some lead time. 

Precision matched belt sets require a run-in period of 24 to 48 hours and re-tensioning, just like conventional V80 matched belt sets.  Other than some potential reduction in belt vibration during the short run-in period, precision matched belt sets are expected to perform nearly identically to conventional V80 matched belt sets.

For additional information about any of this, feel free to contact Product Application Engineering at ptpasupport@gates.com or at 303-744-5800.

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