Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Calculating Pressure Drop for a Hose Assembly

With some basic system information, reliable pressure drop approximations may be readily calculated. First, determine the applicable mechanical components and fluid for the analysis. Completing this process one hose assembly at a time is recommended. Next, enter those values into the Gates online pressure drop calculator (Fluid Flow Calculator). The link to the calculator is: http://www.gates.com/catalogs-and-resources/resources/repository/engineering-business-applications/fluid-flow-calculator/fluid-flow-calculator . Required Hose Assembly information to complete the calculations includes Inside Diameter, Length, Couplings, and Adapters. Required Fluid Information includes Density, Viscosity, and Heat Capacity. These may be estimated with fluid type and temperature. Examples of Specific Gravity and Viscosity for some common fluids are: Water- Specific Gravity 1.00, Viscosity 1.0; Gasoline- Specific Gravity 0.71, Viscosity 0.5; Ethyline Glycol- Specific Gravity 1.12, Viscosity 19.5

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