Thursday, June 12, 2014

EZ Align Green Laser Alignment Tool

The Gates EZ Align laser alignment tool is the best available in the industry for measuring belt drive alignment.  EZ Align shows misalignment in three planes, and the unique reflective technology multiplies angular shaft misalignment for much more accurate measurement.  It is fast and easy for one person to use and is very durable for use in industrial environments.

The original EZ Align laser tool utilized a high quality red laser, but it is now available with a more powerful green laser.  The green color improves visibility for outdoor use in sunlight, as it is 10 times brighter than the original red laser.  The range has been extended from approximately 6 feet for the red laser to 15 feet or better for the green laser.  The following figures illustrate the original EZ Align and EZ Align Green laser tools.

EZ Align Green Laser Alignment Tool

Original EZ Align Laser Alignment Tool

While the original EZ Align laser tool works well indoors, the visibility of EZ Align Green in sunlight is a dramatic improvement.  EZ Align Green is the laser alignment tool of choice for use in sunlight, even with a modest price increase.

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