Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fluid Power: Don't Mix and Match!

A 3,000 psi coupling on a 3,000 psi hose does not always equal a 3,000 psi assembly. One of the most important and often times overlooked factors in hydraulic hose assembly performance is the hose/coupling interface. You can’t just design a hose, you can’t just design an coupling. You must design a system. Unless you have a hose and coupling specifacally designed for each other, you may end up with a hose assembly with a lower pressure rating, reduced life, or even worse, a catastrophic failure. Hose outside diameter and crimp outside diameter are only two of the variables affecting assembly performance. As variation or tolerances increase even slightly for each component a significant reduction in hose assembly life is guaranteed and the risk for catstrophic failiure increases. The next time you grab any hose and a coupling ask youself: Who is the manufacturer of these components? Have these components been designed together? Validated together? And if not, what are the risks that I am assuming? Am I willing to accept an assembly with a guarantee for reduced impluse life and performance? Am I willing to risk catastrophic failure?

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