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What is Draftguard®?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

posted by Michelle at 1:29 PM

Draftguard® is an anti-rotation device typically used to stop ACHE fans from rotating backwards.    Reverse rotation can strain the motor system during start up and pose a safety hazard to maintenance workers; eliminating reverse rotation can improve safety and reduce maintenance.  

While Draftguard has typically been applied to ACHE fans,  it can be used in other applications to limit rotation to a single direction.  Draftguard can be mounted to the following bushings:
  • 3020, 3525, 3535, and 4030 (TL style)
  • E, F, and J (QD style)
A locking ring is also available to mount Draftguard in cases where it can not be mounted directly to the bushing.

 Learn more about Gates' Draftguard anti-rotation solution at

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