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Gates MSDS (OSHA Form 20) for Belts

Friday, August 3, 2012

posted by Phil at 8:45 AM

We are often asked to provide MSDS on our belt products; however, they have little value and don't apply.

It is Gates interpretation of the Hazard Communication Standards and Right to Know Laws that chemical manufacturers must assess the hazards of the chemicals they produce and inform persons who use their chemicals in manufacturing processes of the hazards associated with their use. The standards and laws furthermore do not apply to manufactured articles which do not cause exposure to hazardous chemicals under normal use.

The ingredients of the belts Gates sells are chemically bonded formulations of compounds and polymers which are not free to be given off to the environment as discernible substances or in hazardous quantities. Consequently they do not fall under MSDS intent and OSHA Form 20 is not required.


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