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Right from the Start - Belt Storage

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

posted by Brent at 1:55 PM

To get the most from a belt drive, its important to properly store a belt -all the proper installation procedures and design practices can be for nothing if a belt is improperly stored or damaged in storage.

A few of the major belt storage guidelines:

1) Belts can be stored up to 6 years if properly stored at temperatures less than 85 degrees F, and less than 70% relative humidty.

2) Make sure the belts are not bent to diameters smaller than the minimum recommended diameter for that cross section.

3) V-belts can be stored by hanging on a wall rack if they are hung on a saddle or diameter at least as large as the minimum diameter recommended for the cross section. Don't hang from a pin or nail!

4) Don't store in direct sunlight.

5) Don't store near heating devices.

6) Don't store near ozone generating devices such as transformers or electric motors.

7) Don't store belts where they are or could be exposed to solvents or chemicals.

8) Don't store on the floor unless in a proctive container.

9) Don't crimp belts, either in storage or handling.

Complete guidelines can be found in the Gates Belt Drive Preventive Maintenance & Safety Manual.

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