Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hospitals and Energy Savings (or "Watts Happening")

Energy consumption continues to rise as the population grows.  An example of this is the staggering cost of energy to healthcare organizations - an enormous $8.5 BILLION spent on energy every year.

Up to 3% of an average hospital's budget is spent on energy.  This works out to around $5.25 per square foot.  (Source:  Energy Information Administration, Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey 2003).  As energy usage continues to increase, so does the cost of energy to the facilities.  Over 90% of hospitals reported an increase in energy costs over the previous year.

A recent survey ( American Hospital Association Annual Survey) showed that $1 saved on energy at a hospital has the equivalent impact on the bottom line as increasing hospital revenues by $20. 

Clearly, there are obvious benefits to hospitals and healthcare facilities for reducing energy consumption.

Synchronous belts and molded notch V-belts are natural candidates to implement on belt drive systems to save energy.  V-belt drives can be converted to synchronous belt drives to save approximately 5% on energy as well as virtually eliminating maintenance requirements.  Molded notch V-belts can save approximately 2% on energy if used to replace traditional banded V-belts.

Its clear that energy consumption and savings efforts are here to stay.   Use the available belt technology to get some easy savings and you'll be ahead of the game.

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