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Hospitals and Energy Savings (or "Watts Happening")

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

posted by Brent at 9:20 AM

Energy consumption continues to rise as the population grows.  An example of this is the staggering cost of energy to healthcare organizations - an enormous $8.5 BILLION spent on energy every year.

Up to 3% of an average hospital's budget is spent on energy.  This works out to around $5.25 per square foot.  (Source:  Energy Information Administration, Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey 2003).  As energy usage continues to increase, so does the cost of energy to the facilities.  Over 90% of hospitals reported an increase in energy costs over the previous year.

A recent survey ( American Hospital Association Annual Survey) showed that $1 saved on energy at a hospital has the equivalent impact on the bottom line as increasing hospital revenues by $20. 

Clearly, there are obvious benefits to hospitals and healthcare facilities for reducing energy consumption.

Synchronous belts and molded notch V-belts are natural candidates to implement on belt drive systems to save energy.  V-belt drives can be converted to synchronous belt drives to save approximately 5% on energy as well as virtually eliminating maintenance requirements.  Molded notch V-belts can save approximately 2% on energy if used to replace traditional banded V-belts.

Its clear that energy consumption and savings efforts are here to stay.   Use the available belt technology to get some easy savings and you'll be ahead of the game.


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