Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Belt Storage Recommendations

In order to retain their serviceability and dimensions, proper storage procedures must be followed for power transmission belts.  Quite often, premature belt failures can be traced to improper belt storage procedures that damaged the belt before it was installed on the drive.  By following a few guidelines, these types of belt failures can be avoided.

Belts should be stored in a cool and dry environment with no direct sunlight.  Ideally, belts should be stored in an environment that is less than 85 degrees F and with lower than 70% relative humidity.

Do not store where the belts are exposed to direct sunlight or moisture.

Do not store near heaters, radiators, or heating devices.

Do not store near ozone generating devices such as transformers or electric motors.

Do not store belts where they can be exposed to solvents or chemicals.

Do not store in locations where the belts are exposed to traffic that may cause damage.

Do not crimp belts during handling or while being stored. 

Do not bend to diameters smaller than the minimum recommended diameter for the belt cross section.

Do not use ties or tape to pull belt spans tightly together near the end of the belt.

Do not hang on a small diameter pin or nail that suspends all of the belt weight and bends the belt to a diameter smaller than the minimum recommended diameter.

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