Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Configuration For Gates EZ Align Green®

Gates EZ Align™ laser alignment tools are the best available.  Aside from their exceptional durability and robustness, the reflected beam technology magnifies detected shaft angularity for much more accurate detection than other tools.  

While original EZ Align units used a red laser, an improved EZ Align Green model was introduced few years ago.  
Original EZ Align Green
EZ Align Green uses a powerful green laser that is 20X brighter than the standard red laser.  The increased power and green color make it readily visible in daylight and increase the range from about 6 feet to 15 feet or better.  

The original EZ Align Green units emitted the laser beam from the end of the transmitter as seen in the illustration at left.  This was a different configuration than standard EZ Align Red units.

Improvements in laser technology and size now allow the green laser beam to be emitted from the side of the transmitter, like the standard EZ Align Red units.  
New EZ Align Green Configuration

Now EZ Align Red and EZ Align Green units use identical configurations for convenience and easier use.

For further information, contact Gates Product Application Engineering at 303-744-5800 or at ptpasupport@gates.com.

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