Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Why Stainless Steel Poly Chain® GT®2 Sprockets and Bushings with Carbon Steel Screws?

Did you know that Gates carries a limited line of stainless steel sprockets for 8mm pitch Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts in 12mm and 21mm widths?  In addition, there is a standard line of stainless steel Taper-Lock® bushings available for use with these sprockets.  This combination provides a nice corrosion resistant hardware package for use in wet or wash down applications where standard sprockets and bushings would rust and corrode.

It may be helpful to note that screws supplied with the stainless steel bushings are made of carbon steel rather than stainless steel material.  Carbon steel screws are used for their superior material strength, and zinc plated for corrosion resistance.  Stainless steel screws do not have the mechanical strength necessary to install and retain Taper-Lock® bushings in Poly Chain® GT®2 sprockets.

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