Wednesday, January 21, 2015

STAMPED - P for Pressure

An effective way to remember this hose selection criterion is to remember the word STAMPED.


S = Size
T = Temperature
A = Application
M = Material to be Conveyed
P = Pressure
E = Ends or couplings
D = Delivery (volume)

 P Pressure

It’s essential in the hose selection process to know the system pressure, including pressure spikes. Published working pressures must be equal to or greater than the system pressure. Pressure spikes greater than the published working pressure must be taken into consideration because they will shorten hose life. Applications having pressure spikes greater than published working pressures of the hose, Gates DOES NOT recommend using hose. Burst pressures are reference pressures intended for destructive testing purposes and design safety factors only. Typically, for dynamic hydraulic applications, the minimum burst pressure rating is four times that of the maximum working pressure rating.

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