Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Safe Hose Selection

Proper hose selection is critical to a safe hydraulic system, hose performance characteristics and service application an easy method is used to properly select a hydraulic hose. An effective way to remember this hose selection criterion is to remember the word STAMPED. S T A M P E D S = Size T = Temperature A = Application M = Material to be Conveyed P = Pressure E = Ends or couplings D = Delivery (volume) The first step in having a safe hydraulic system is selecting components that meet your needs. Compromises in hose selection may put you in danger, as well as affect the performance and life of your system. The decision may work for the short run, but may not be a good long-term decision. Remember, the most important thing is your safety. Most hydraulic systems should be designed with a 4:1 safety factor (burst test pressure vs. maximum recommended working pressure). However, some applications may have different standards (examples: water blast, jack hose).

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