Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PowerGrip 5mm GT2 Aluminum Sprockets

Gates is now offering a selection of aluminum sprockets for 5mm pitch PowerGrip GT2 and GT3 belting.  These sprockets will be offered in both 9mm and 15mm widths.  They are not offered in 25mm widths.  While the parts are not yet listed in our Industrial Power Transmission catalog, they are listed in our new PowerGrip GT3 Drive Design Manual which you can find here:

It is very important to note that these sprockets have LIMITED wear resistance with our 5mm PowerGrip GT belts, and INSUFFICIENT wear resistance and load capacity for our 5mm Poly Chain belts.  These sprockets are also available in sizes down to 12 teeth.  Our MINIMUM sprocket tooth count recommendation for 5mm PowerGrip GT2/GT3 belting is 18 teeth.  Going below this will significantly impact belt life.  For these reasons, these sprockets are best used for prototyping purposes.

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