Thursday, February 6, 2014

507C Attachment Selection

When a new 507C Sonic Tension Meter is purchased it will come with the standard, cord type microphone.  However, did you know that Gates offers two additional attachments that may be more suited for your particular drive system?  If the standard Cord Microphone is working yet has proved to be cumbersome due to the two hand operation, then the optional Flat Flexible Sensor would be a great addition to your PM toolkit. The Flat Flexible Sensor allows for simple, one handed use of the 507C which enables a single person to easily and accurately measure the tension in a belt drive system.  

If the standard cord microphone is not currently working due to excessive ambient noise, high winds, or extremely low belt span frequencies, then the optional Inductive Sensor would be the attachment you would want to use.  As opposed to the Microphone on both the Cord and Flexible Sensors which work on sound waves, the Inductive Sensor utilizes magnets attached to the belt to measure the span frequency wand therefore is not affected by wind or noise.  

The part numbers for these additional attachements are:

  • Flat Flexible Sensor: 7420-0205
  • Inductive Sensor: 7420-0212

For any additional questions on these attachments or any other inquiry, feel free to contact us at or 303-744-5800.

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