Monday, January 20, 2014

Pulley Face Width Offset With The EZ Align Tool

The EZ Align belt drive alignment tool is easy to use and provides accurate and effective results.  While mounting and set up is generally straight forward, it may be necessary at times to offset the reflector or transmitter to compensate for differing sprocket/sheave face widths.  An example of this is aligning synchronous belt drive systems with a flanged driver sprocket and an unflanged driven sprocket.  The face width of unflanged sprockets is greater than flanged sprockets, so spacing the reflector outward from the motor sprocket is necessary to place the center target line in the appropriate location.  This way the narrower driver sprocket can be appropriately centered with respect to the wider driven sprocket.

An offset kit containing 1/2" and 3/4” thick offset brackets is available as an optional accessory.  These brackets attach to EZ Align reflectors or transmitters via. magnetic attraction.  The amount of offset, however, may be greater than necessary.

For finer offset adjustments, thin rare earth disk type magnets can be very useful.  Disk magnets can be placed directly onto the EZ Align magnets for incremental offsetting while maintaining similar mounting strength.  For more correction, simply add additional disk magnets.

Amazing Magnets is a convenient source for powerful rare earth magnets like this.  Some standard sizes to consider are 1/2” dia. x 3/32 thick” (D094D), 1/2” dia. x 1/8” thick (D125D) and 1/2” dia. x 3/16” thick (D188D).  To order or for further information about these magnets, contact Amazing Magnets at 888-727-327 or

For questions, feel free to contact Gates Product Application Engineering at 303-744-5800 or

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