Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PowerGrip GT2 – The Best Fit for Your Positioning Drive

PowerGrip GT2 belts are an advanced design of Gates HTD system and feature:

  • A higher load-carrying capacity and longer belt life than either the PowerGrip HTD or PowerGrip Timing belts.
  • The greatest registration and indexing accuracy.
  • A modified curvilinear tooth profile with mating sprocket grooves.
This deep tooth profile of the PowerGrip GT2 belts provides…

  • Increased contact area and improved resistance to ratcheting.
  • Easy, clean entering and exiting the sprocket groove resulting in reduced vibration.
  • Parallel contact with the groove eliminating stress concentrations and tooth deformation under load.
  • Improved registration characteristics and maintains high torque carrying capability up to 2X that of PowerGrip HTD belts and 3X that of PowerGrip Timing belts.

As a comparison, the PowerGrip GT2 belts greater tooth depth and increased contact area results in full flank contact whereas the PowerGrip Timing belt primarily contacts the sprocket in the root radius only.  In addition, though the PowerGrip HTD belt has a deep tooth profile, it has considerably greater backlash due to the relatively poor belt/sprocket pitch fit when compared to the PowerGrip GT2 belt (see illustrations below).  

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