Thursday, July 11, 2013

Online Catalog and Drive Design Manuals

Have you looked at your current copy of the Gates Power Transmission Products Catalog recently?  If you have and noticed that your Catalog doesn’t look like the image below then you are potentially missing changes and updates that may affect your ability to select the best, most up to date product for the specific application in question. 

Gates 2012 Power Transmission Products Catalog

If keeping the latest version of the Catalog on the shelf becomes daunting, then it is important to note that the most current Catalog is also available for download from our Gates Catalog Page online (click link to be taken to Catalog Page).  In addition to downloading the entire Catalog, individual Catalog sections can be downloaded in the event only a specific product type or category is needed.  If you have the most current version of the Catalog on hand but need information from one of our Drive Design Manuals, these too can be downloaded in PDF form from the Gates Catalog Page. 
Finally, this Catalog page also contains PDF documents regarding belt interchange, belt identification, the Sonic Tension Meter manual and Preventative Maintenance manual.   Overall, having the ability to navigate to the Gates Catalog Page is a great reference tool to build on your knowledge of Gates products and design support.

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