Friday, June 14, 2013

507C Sonic Tension Meter Warranty and Repairs

The Gates 507C Sonic Tension Meter is an excellent tool for measuring belt installation tension accurately by reading the frequency of vibrating belt spans.  It is widely used in industry and is considered to be one of the finest belt tension measuring tools available. Gates provides full support for 507C meters including troubleshooting, accuracy certifications and repairs when needed.

Gates 507C Sonic Tension Meters are warranted for 2 years (sensors not included). No-charge repairs are available for meters within the warranty period. Repairs are also available for meters outside of the warranty period. Meters are evaluated in house and repair estimates are provided before work is completed.

New meters are not factory certified for accuracy, but traceable accuracy certifications are available as needed for ISO quality requirements. Certified meters are returned with a sticker and certificate verifying accuracy and the date of inspection. Note that certifications are not included in the meter warranty.

Meter repairs and certifications must be initiated through authorized Gates industrial distributors. Meters cannot be returned to Gates directly. Your local distributor is familiar with the returning process and will be happy to provide assistance. They will provide quotations for repairs or certifications and handle the paperwork and shipping. Go to  to use our distributor locator tool.

For assistance with 507C Sonic Tension Meters or any additional questions feel free to contact us at or 303-744-5800.

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