Tuesday, October 23, 2012

V-Belt Sheaves in High Humidity or Corrosive Environments

Many industrial applications face problems associated with rusting parts. Numerous applications in the food and beverage industry are located in areas that require periodic washdown. Unless a drive is completely shielded and protected from wash down, rust and corrosion will be rapidly apparent in these types of environments. This is equally true of sheaves when used in very wet or humid environments, such as seen with air moving drives on cooling towers or wood kilns. The constant effects of the wet air surrounding the belt drive can cause excessive rust, and allow the belts to slip. Corrosion attacks sheave grooves, building up rust deposits. The corrosion will increase over time, building up in the sheave grooves and non-driving surfaces (bushing face). Sheaves with corrosion in the grooves can rapidly wear the belt and wear through the abrasion resistant tooth fabric, resulting in premature belt failure.

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