Tuesday, May 29, 2012

8M / 14M PowerGrip GT2 Belts Are Now Static Conductive

PowerGrip GT2 belts in 8mm and 14mm pitches are now being manufactured in a static conductive construction that meets the ISO 9563 international standard for belt conductivity.  Belt labels now include "Antistatic To ISO 9563".  This will allow 8M and 14M PowerGrip GT2 belts to dissipate static electric charges into sprockets, and hopefully safely to ground.  This is important for belt drive applications operating in hazardous applications where sparks can ignite flammable substances as well as for belts used in equipment that must meet European ATEX requirements.

Using conductive belts is important when belt drives are operating in hazardous environments.  It is equally important, though, for there to be a conductive path from the sprockets to ground in order for static charges to be safely dissipated.  Motor and equipment mountings, shaft mountings, bearings, etc. can all influence the overall conductivity of the path to ground.  For this reason, secondary measures such as grounding straps or cables and grounding brushes are recommended to ensure safe dissipation of static electric charges.

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