Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Design Flex Pro: US and UK Version Correction

If you use Design Flex Pro for US customers, you must check your installation – see below.

Many of the new computer images have the default language/culture set to English-UK. This makes the computer look OK to English-US users, but does not make Design Flex Pro (DF-Pro) work correctly for US users.

  • Notes required by US legal do not show up correctly for people using English UK.
  • Some fields used for NA but not used in Europe do not show when English UK is selected.

Once DF-Pro is installed, changing the computer culture will not change the selected language.

Design IQ is not affected as it does not have a separate language for English-UK.

To correct this for DF-Pro:

  • Open DF-Pro – make sure it is the only copy open
  • Go to Tools Languages and make sure the language selected is correct for your area. If in the US, this should be English, not English-UK.
  • Close DF-Pro to make the selection stick.

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