Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Micro-V Belts

Gates has a line of belts that we call Micro-V. They are called this because the belt is made up of a band of small V-belts put together. They are also called Poly-V belts by others in the industry. These belts are actually very common, in fact, you may have worked on one, and not even known it! Micro-V belts come in different sizes, or sections. One of these sections is called K-section, this is the type of belt that runs the accessory drives (alternator, water pump, etc…) under the hood of your car. While they are commonly called serpentine because of the way that they move around the pulleys, these are in fact K-section Micro-V belts. K-section belts are mainly used on automobiles and industrial gasoline and diesel motors. The less known sections of Micro-V’s include H, J, L, and M sections. H section is very small, and is typically not used for design except by large OE’s. J , L, and M section belts are the standard industrial line that we can help you design with. These belts push a lot of power for their size, are quiet, and can handle higher speeds well. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that we don’t have any off the shelf pulleys for them. This means that you would either need to have something made to order, or you could contact us for the groove information to create your own pulleys. You can find more information about these belts in our Light Power and Precision Drive Design Manual or as always by contacting us directly.

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