Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Motorcycle Belts

Customers often contact Gates regarding belts for motorcycle applications. Unfortunately, Gates does not sell motorcycle replacement belts directly to aftermarket users. The best method to obtain a proper replacement belt is to go through the dealer network for the particular brand of motorcycle.

Various aftermarket distributors also service the market, and they serve as an alternate source for replacement belts. However, some motorcycle belts sold through the original dealer network may be manufactured with proprietary constructions not available through aftermarket distributors.

The standard Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts sold by Gates general market distributors have the GT tooth style. These belt are not recommended for use with motorcycle sprockets, which are typically designed with the HTD® tooth style.

Aftermarket distributor can typically assist with custom motorcycle applications. However, belts in lengths other than those available from aftermarket distributors may require new tooling at costs in excess of $25K per mold.


  1. Still trying to decide whether H/D belts made by Gates are better than what Gates sells, or are they EXTRA beefy

  2. Mark,

    Gates doesn't sell replacement HD belts (or motorcycle belts) - we work with bike manufacturers to develop the specific belt construction and capability for each bike platform. I would recommend using the HD replacement belt (HD P&A).

  3. Polaris has pulled plug on Victory and will discontinue support soon. What is the possibility of having Gates make a belt for us riders who will continue to ride and keep on the road? What would be the minimum order to have a belt made? 154T,28mm, 14mm pitch

  4. Chris,

    It is certainly something we'll be keeping an eye on. I don't know what Victory's plans are for continuing to carry service parts, but that will have a large impact on what we do. If the belts aren't available via Victory, they would most likely be made available through an aftermarket replacement part distributor.


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