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V-belt Matching

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

posted by Michelle at 12:35 PM

V-belt drives often use multiple belts to transmit power. In these applications, matched belts should be used to ensure even load distribution. The allowable length deviations for a "matched" set of belts (per RMA Standards IP-20 and IP-22) are:
Gates V-belts are manufactured within these tolerances, allowing stocked belts to run as matched sets.Many Gates V-belts are manufactured within the above match tolerances, allowing stocked belts to run as matched sets. However, there are some exceptions to the match tolerances listed above. V-belts with aramid tensile cords stretch very little, requiring a match tolerance that is tighter than the RMA standard. V-belts with aramid cords (such are Predator®) should be matched by selecting belts with a single punch code.

Gates belts manufactured within the RMA match tolerances are identified in the Gates Industrial Power Transmission Systems catalog by the designation "V80". Belt sizes not included in the V80 match system with standard polyester tensile cords should be special ordered as matched sets.

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