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Sonic Tension Meter Accessories

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

posted by Michelle at 10:46 AM

The Sonic Tension Meter model 507C (7420-0507) is supplied with:
  • a cord sensor (7420-0206)
  • a storage case
  • batteries
  • a manual
  • a mass constant quick reference card
Two additional sensors are also available for purchase separately. The flat flexible sensor (7420-0205) can be bent, making it easier to measure tension in tight spaces. The flexible sensor also allows for measurements with one hand. The inductive sensor (7420-0212) measures a magnetic field instead of sound. The inductive sensor is useful for very noisy or windy environments. Find out more at

The Gates Sonic Tension Meter model 507C is supplied with a cord sensor, a storage case, batteries, a manual and a mass constant quick reference card.

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