Friday, July 15, 2011

Taper Lock Bushings

I’ve been talking to people about Taper Lock bushings for quite a while now. However, the other day, I learned something new that I thought was pretty useful. Taper Lock callouts have always seemed a bit out of left field to me, but I figured there had to be a reason behind it. Turns out there is! A Taper Lock part number is called out by four numbers followed by the shaft bore that it will attach to. The first two numbers represent the maximum bore size, and the last two represent the total length. For example, a 2012 has a maximum bore of 2.0 inches, and a length through bore of 1.25. To properly call out a 2012 bushing to fit a shaft (let’s use 1.5” for example), you call out the whole inch followed by the fraction. This means our 1.5” 2012 bushing would be called out like this: 2012 1.1/2. Metric is pretty simple, you call out the bushing followed by the shaft diameter and include MM behind it; let’s use 20mm as an example size. The Metric convention would look like this: 2012 20MM I know this will certainly speed up my answers, hopefully it will help you too!

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