Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Custom Synchronous Belt Sizes

There are two types of custom synchronous sizes, a different width and a different length.

Making stock belts in custom widths is usually easy to do. Synchronous belts are made on a mold that makes a single wide belt which is then cut down into the individual belt widths. If you need something other than a standard width, we require that you purchase the slabs worth of the custom width because we must set the tooling up to cut the whole slab. The number of belts will depend on the mold size and the width you are requesting.

Making custom lengths is much more difficult. Each size length is made on its own individual mold. In order to do a custom length not listed in our catalog, we have to machine a new mold for that size. This means that you will be charged for tooling fees and minimum order quantities, which is usually not feasible except for equipment manufacturers that will be placing large orders.

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