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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

posted by Robby at 8:53 AM

People often call to ask where they can get drawings of CAD files for our belts and sheaves. There are two places to look. The easiest is our online catalog:

By searching your part number in the top left, you can go directly to the product page. Each page has a general product overview with basic dimensions and information. A 2D spec sheet is usually available in the bottom of the "Attachments" section, and a 3D CAD model may be available to download near the top of the page.

If information is not available on PartView, you can find detailed sprocket specification tables in our drive design manuals. The manuals are broken down into belt lines such as Poly Chain GT Carbon, PowerGrip GT2 and Heavy Duty V-Belt. Small pitch (2, 3, 5mm) synchronous belts including PowerGrip GT2, HTD and Timing will be located in our Light Power and Precision Manual. All of these manuals are available to download along with our catalog here:

These manuals also contain horsepower ratings and many other great design and engineering resources.


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