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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

posted by Ryan at 9:43 AM

Gates Carbon Drive has just released its newest innovation; CenterTrack. The new system from Carbon Drive (the branch of Gates responsible for replacing roller chain on bicycles with a specially designed Poly Chain belt) is a leap forward in bicycle drive technology. The feature that separates this drive from the previous drive is the flange that runs down the center of the sprocket. This makes the system lighter, and narrower, while still maintaining the benefits of a belt drive such as its debris shedding capability, smoothness, lack of stretch, and cleanliness. Because the sprockets can be narrower, the drive can be integrated on frames and internally geared hubs where previously it would not fit, opening up even more options for the consumer. The belt itself only changes by receiving a small slit cut through the teeth of the belt. This doesn't affect the performance of the belt, because great care is taken to keep the slit from reaching the carbon cords inside the belt. For more information, and for images, check out the Gates Carbon Drive Blog site at:


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