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Belt Drive Design Programs

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

posted by Eric at 11:09 AM

Design Flex Pro and Design IQ are two belt drive design programs offered from Gates that can simplify the process of designing an industrial belt drive.

Design Flex Pro is used for designing two-point belt drives ( 1 driveR shaft and 1 driveN shaft) and is easy as choosing a belt line, entering in your drive information, and hitting the Design button. DF Pro will then give a list of belt drives that will agree with the input conditions and summarize the information in a Drive Detail Report. This program can only design with stock products offered from Gates.

Design IQ is a more complex program where you can design a Belt Drive with multiple driveN shafts. You can also use idlers and tensioners when configuring the drive. Design IQ gives the user flexibility such as entering multiple driving conditions and implementing non-stock pulley sizes.

Both Design Flex Pro and Design IQ are free programs available to download from


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