Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So What is a Belt?

It may seem like a very basic question....what is a belt?  Where better to start with the first post than with the most elementary of questions?

In the most basic of terms, a belt (in the power transmission sense) is a flexible component that links two or more shafts together and transmits power and motion from one shaft to the other(s).

Belts can transmit power across a distance between shafts.  Belt drives can increase or decrease the speed at a driven shaft or set of shafts.  Belt drives can multiply the torque available at the driven shaft.

There are two broad categories for belts:  Synchronous belts and V-belts. 

Synchronous belts have teeth on the belt - you are most likely familiar with the timing belt on your car - which is a synchronous belt.

V-belts have a V shape (duh), and wedge into V shaped grooves in the pulleys (which are called "sheaves" in the industry).

That's all for this post....we'll grow and develop content as subject matter and reader interest dictates. 

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